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National ERA Servicing

We offer a true rent to own program for people that may not be bank qualified now or in the future. It's simple: all of our tenants must have a true desire for home ownership. They must enroll in a monitored credit repair program.
If for some reason they cannot get a bank mortgage within 3 years - we will provide the necessary financing for them. It's a guarantee for home ownership-pay your rent on time every month, take care of the property and maintain it and your financing is guaranteed. All this is done through our lease/option program.


We are strictly performance based and if we don't perform, we don't get paid. Our property software allows owners as well as tenants to check their account online 24/7. Passive investing allows you the owner to accomplish other tasks while we handle every aspect of management including a proven exit strategy with a lease/option program. While we could never guarantee specific results, we can guarantee a superlative effort to help you reach your goals.